composer & sound artist


phone: +45 23293312

I have worked professionally with composition, sound art and music production in all its aspects for more than 25 years - for films, television, computer games, performances and theatre - in many different styles, from pop to avantgarde.

My instrument is the electronic music studio, and I also use a wide range of acoustic instruments, played by myself or the many excellent musicians I work with regularly.

I am a specialist in synthesizer programming and audio manipulation, and in addition to my work as composer, I have created sound libraries for instrument manufacturers and software developers.

My music is often based on material from field recordings, which I transform into playable sounds by various types of electronic processings. This approach is particularly relevant for site-specific pieces, but my curiosity about sound means that recordings from real life are almost always in there somewhere.

Music can reflect where we are, what we've experienced, and it is closely connected to memories and our visual impressions of life. When I enter a new project or situation, I want to sense the deeper meanings and geographies of the place and the people involved, and get a bearing for the sounds needed.

What is the background, the message, the atmosphere and the psychology? What will the story be, and how can we convey it beautifully together?